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Our services range from installations to preventive maintenance programs in order to keep your band saw at optimum performance. Our band saw service engineers offer solutions for all your band saw service needs. 


HiTech Services, Inc. counts with highly trained service engineers with many years of experience in order provide the best service. 

Top Band Saw Services_
Fixing Machines _

We do mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic troubleshooting and diagnostics in order to restore your machines to working order quick.

Preventive Maintenance _

Band saws are subjected to more than 25 points of inspection and analyzed to prevent potential problems allowing your machine to work longer and run at optimum performance. 

Fluids Change _

Oil and filter change in the hydraulic system tank aswell as oil change in the gear box (Drive Wheel). Manufacturers recomend regular fluids change. 

Repair and Rewiring _

Repair and rewiring of electrical liquatites to prevent machine damages and meet OSHA safety regulations. 

Coolant Maintenance_

Coolant change aswell as a coolant tank cleaning in order to remove grime and metal chips that clog the coolant system. This enhances the cutting performance and increase the life of the cutting blade. 

Personalized Maintenance _

We crate personalized service programs for all your machines. 

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