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HiTech Services, Inc. is a company focused on installing and maintaining your band saw machines. Our well-trained service engineers will keep your band saw machines properly maintained in order to maximize efficiency and productivity. We offer emergency service in order to minimize downtime and returning your band saw to working order within 48 hours. 


Our services range from installations to preventive maintenance programs in order to keep your band saw at optimum performance. Our band saw service engineers offer solutions for all your band saw service needs. 


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Band Saw Services_
  • Inspection and Removal of top and side guides

  • Inspection and Adjustment of Blade Tenssion and Tracking

  • Grease any Points Needed

  • Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

    • Electrical

    • Hydraulic

    • Pneumatic

    • Mechanical

  • Machine Installations

  • Preventive Maintenance Servicing

  • Blades, Rollers, Guides, and Motors

  • Inspections of 

    • ​Band Wheels and Bearings

    • Drive Systems

    • Hydraulic and/or Air systems

    • Coolant Systems

    • Chip Removal Systems

    • Electrical Controls

    • Squareness of the Saw

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